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The Beast ( and my mail for springer)


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is the beast already availble in Europe?
If someone knows please let me know.

Mike, my new mail is s.veliki@gmail.com



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Gregor, thanks......

I'll get at this evening when Kim and I do some work. Headed to the gym right now so I'll write you in a couple hours.


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Mike & Kim - Reggie Sanders

I'm certain I read in one of your View News articles that Reggie Sanders of the St Louis Cards. took a 70lber to spring training. He is 37, in the supposed twighlight of his career. He bounced back from a broken leg, he was having his best year power wise ever at the time, and is having a great post season. His secret may get out now. Mike I have spoke to you on the phone and e-mailed you. I'm here in Vegas. I want to attend one of your classes sometime in the near future. I'm sorry you discontinued your column, I loved it. It's actually where I first learned of KB's. Its awsome you took some to Cancun. I'll be in touch. Thanks Rocky
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