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The difference between doing what we think works, and what actually works


New member
I have noticed something amazing latelly, and it will never cease to amaze me no matter how many times I see it........and that is " people never do what works". As a gym employee I see this all the time and continue to slap myself whenever I see someone training for speed and vertical leap power by doing leg extensions, lying leg curls, standing leg curls, donkey calf raises, 1 legged calf raises, seated calf raises, standing calf raises, machine hack squats, bench press, barbell curls, french press, 20 pound dumbell squats on a bosu ball, etc. They do everything but run and jump. My workouts are simple i swing 3 times per week, do pushups and pullups 3 times per week, and play basketball and soccer on occasion. nothing magical or mysterious about what i do yet, it works. :confused:


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Totally agree. Except on the French Press. That is by far my favorite isolation exercise, and I do it every single morning. On rare occasions I'll even do a second French Press in the early afternoon.


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French Press - darn good cup of coffee. Oh! Sorry you meant the exercise right?..hehe!!..Dennis
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