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The "RKC Deep Six"

Jon Engum RKC

New member
The RKC Deep 6 Workout is a takeoff of the old Omelet, but is limited to the RKCs core 6 lifts. The Deep 6 allows the trainee to practice and develop deep skill in all of the basic six RKC lifts, hence the name Deep 6.

It consists of three different levels and is appropriate for Kettlebell practitioners of varying levels of conditioning.

The RKC Deep 6 will be great practice for people looking to gain muscular endurance such as fighters or for people who would just like to up their conditioning level to have an easier time at the RKC. It can also stressproof the “getup” by practicing it in a pre-fatigued state.

The plan goes like this:
All lifts done right handed without setting the bell down between moves.
- 5 swings
- 5 snatches
- 5 clean and presses
- 5 front squats
- 1 Get up * from the top down ala Shawn Cairnes “the Get down”
After the last squat, press to lockout, from the lockout do the down phase of the getup until you are at the firing range position and then get back up.

Now switch hands and repeat the sequence on the left. Try for 5 rounds.

Beginners: Rest 30 seconds after every hand switch, rest 1 minute between rounds.

Intermediate Level: Rest after you have competed both right and left. 30 seconds to 1 minute

Advanced Level: No rest, go through all 5 cycles.
Suggested weight: 24k for men and 12K for ladies. For people with masochistic tendencies use a 32k or 16k respectively.
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Love it...

I did something along the same lines called the RKC Series 6

TGU+ 5 snatches
TGU+ 5 Presses
TGU+ 5 cleans
TGU+10 1 arm swings


watching you and Mark in action at the Feb HKC is going to be great.

Jon Engum RKC

New member

Great idea as well. I have been using the deep six to train a pro boxer for sometime. Instead of resting btw rds he either jumped rope or shadox boxed. The reps are low enough to use pretty heavy weight - well as far as conditioning goes... try it with a 32... it is enough to get your attention.

Like minds and all that.

I can't wait until Denver.



New member
Let me start..

Le me start with the 20 kg and see how I do..

What about

Deep 6
Rest 60 sec/ or Plank
Series 6

We can have some fun with this...

Make sure you have time to go to Red Rocks, and Mothers Cabrini Shrine. Great views and hundreds of stairs :)


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Lord have mercy!!!!

I just went through the "Deep 6 workout"....(you'll have to excuse me if my spelling and grammer is offbecause I am mentally and physical squashed after this...)

Thinking I'd go easy on myself and "just try this out", I used a 16 for this workout. Gave myself the 30" break between hand switches and 1 min between rounds. I only lasted 4 rounds!!!! I'm a pretty strong dude but this workout had my shoulders and lungs fried.

Thanks for suggesting this workout! I'm adding it to my routine. I will get those 5 rounds "beginner style" then work on the intermediate version. but stick with the 16 FOR NOW.


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First time I got humbled by the kettlebells. I started with 1x 24kg (should I add no rest in when switching hands and between hands?). Man was I out of my league! After the first round i was smoked and switched to a 20kg and changed to 30 sek rest between hands and sets. Did all 5 and I was destroyed.


New member
Hello, Mr. Engum:

Your "RKC Deep Six" performed with the 16kg kettlebell at the Advanced Level was difficult to complete.

Nevertheless, I did not win a pukie the clown sticker for my chalk bucket.

Had plenty in the tank for my p.m. workout: swings and chin-up ladders.

/When the 16kg kettlebell becomes your bell of choice, you know you're old.
//I'm old.
///Steve Maxwell might take you to task for attributing the "Reverse Turkish Get-Up" to Herr Cairnes.

Jon Engum RKC

New member
Shawn is who showed it to me :) Anyway, I am glad you like it.
There are a few places to eek out some rest so you can survive. Take a couple breaths in the rack during the presses as well as between reps of squats. Really focus on breath control and getting some recovery in flight.
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