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The Stretching version of PTTP and ETK


New member
I have Power to the people and Enter the kettle bell. If I want to buy the stretching version; which one would that be? You know, a basic and simple (in a good way) book with a content that makes you feel that you don't need any other book on the subject. Would it be Beyond Stretching, Relax into Stretch or Superjoints?


New member
I have RIS, SJs and Flexible Steel. I got RIS first and tried it out. I found it abit difficult and more advanced than what I expected because I had a few injuries and severe ROM restrictions. If you have no joint soreness or injuries RIS is good. Then I got Super Joints. And this seems like a better fit for me as I am trying to bullet proof myself against injuries. SJs is appropriate for those with inflexible or sore joints. Also for older people. Flexible Steel takes off from what you have gained from SJs. Bottom line: If you hurt get SJs/Flexible Steel. If not get RIS. ..Dennis
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