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The Ultimate Fighter reality tv


New member
Did or does anyone watch this show. Just wanting to know the reality, no pun intended, of the last episode. Can someone really drop 20 lbs, in the guys case 10%of body weight in 24hrs, have no medical problems and come back and win a fight, or is this all creative editing? Moreso why did a doctor not intervine since this is drastically approaching dangerous lvls.


New member

The actually weight loss is physically possible. I only say this because while in the Army I lost about 14lbs in around 9-10 hours after accidentally drinking some heavily contaminated water. I have also known some wrestlers who while in college routinely dropped 5-6lbs in the 6-8 hours before weigh in time. Again I don't believe it was healthy, and they certainly weren't approaching the 20lbs mark.
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