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This A.M.'s Training

LC Clean & Jerk 2x32kg x 3 sets of 5
(2 minutes rest breaks)

3 minutes rest

Pistols 20kg x 3 sets of 3
Alternated w/
Chin-ups 28kg x 3 sets of 4
(1 minute rest breaks)

3 minutes rest

1 arm Dead Clean & Press ladders
28kg x 1,2,3 (no rests between switching arms)
2 minutes rest
24kg x 1,2,3 (no rests)
1 minute rest
20kg x 1,2,3,4,5 (no rests)

2 minutes rest

L-Holds x 3 sets of 15 seconds holds (45 seconds rest breaks)

Clean & Jerks felt like garbage today. I don't think I had enough rest between BJJ last night and this mornings training to recover enough explosive strength. Should have used lighter bells and just focused on technique and feel. Oh well, lesson learned.
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