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This is so weird, diet sodas cause weight gain?

Stephen Troy

New member
I'm flabbergasted, becuase this article reflects my exact personal experiences even though I didn't see any correlation at the time.

The ONLY times in my life when a) weight loss has been a problem and b) exercise has been more difficult, is when I've been "dieting" and drinking diet sodas. This includes knucklehead periods during wrestling in H.S. before I smartened up and realized 2-3 Mountain Dews a day probably wasn't going to do much for my performance.

Anybody else ever hear about this?Bizzarro bevies


New member
Very interesting. My thought on this is that most people who consume diet beverages are unaware of of smart nutritional practices and eat unhealthy while assuming thta the diet drink will magically make them slim down. I could be totally wrong, but the may be some truth to that.

Thomas Buhls

New member
Oh Yeah...

Whenever we have a guy go on a remedial PT program for being overweight, the first thing he gets is a long list of things to stay away from. First is beer, second is soda/diet soda. I dont really know what causes it, and I dont care. I have however learned(from other peoples hard remedial training...) to stay away from all soda type drinks.

Train Hard, Live Well


New member
Oh Yeah...


Read the labels properly and do the research on the items that have non recognizable long names, -------- cose ending names.

I have not had any cola/soda for last 6 years. You don't need it. Only we the americans have love affair with their colas. We seem to live on it. People in europe drink this "crap" occasionally only.

When we are young we destroy our health then when we get older we medicate ourselves. What a life!!!!



New member
yupp (kinda long)

I saw a documentary on this recently.
they stated that since diet sodas doesn't contain any sugar(and therefor no energy) it makes you hungry almost immediatly.

Also, it doesn't give the "satisfaction-substances" release as something with sugar(or plain sweet, which usually means it contains sugar =P)would do, which mean the body searches for something more to satisfact it.
+ the fact that people think that when you eat/drink diet stuff, you can stuff your face full of other things = more energy = stored as fat.

Artificial sweetening didn't exist before ww2 and the rationing. When it arrived(among other things) that is when we started to be fat.

Sorry for the book, but feel free to comment.
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