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This week training and one thing i learned

Capoeira Thai

New member
Hi everybody, this week my training felt great,it went like this:
Weighted wide grip pullups-10kg-12x1,starting one set every 50sec.
HSPU from headstand-8x2,every 55sec.
1arm Hammer curl(pause at top)-12kgDB-4x4,2x3, every 60 sec.
External rotation-4kgDB-3x8,30-40 sec rest.

18kgDB 1arm snatches- 20,15,10,5 r,l alternated with
20-25 burpee+pushup+jump, 40 sec. rests between sets

Pistol-12x1 r,l every 60sec.(first sets using a 5kg plate for balance)
1leg calf raise-4x10, no rest
some work on glute ham raise.

18kgDB 1arm snatches- 20,15,10,5 r,l, 1min of shadowboxing btween sets as active rest.
Side press-16kgDB-2x3(light,just to work the obliques)
finished with balance training- 3-5 min.

Clean and push press-2 22kgDBs-12x1 every 55sec.
1 arm floor press- 26kgDB- 8x2 every 60sec. alternated with
1 arm row- 30kgDB- 8x2 every 60sec.
Pistols- 3x2, +singles on week leg
finished with balance training- 3-5 min.

Bodyweight at 68kg(150lbs).

I found that when training with this rest pause/density protocol, is much more efficient decrease the time in which you start each set than time your rest intervals and decrease them, because this keep you away from inconsiously cheating taking more time preparing for a lift and putting the weight down(well, at least for me). Its also interesting that when you train this way for 12 sets every time you reduce 5 sec, you are doing the same volume in 1 min less, this gives you a clear progression.

I would apreciate any critique or advice on my workouts.
Thanks for reading.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Capoeira Thai, Com. Mike Mahler's R/P EDT is a great protocol for strength. I suggest you drop some lame drills (hammer curls and such) and focus on pistols, pullups, swings, and TGUs plus some heavy ab work (e.g. Com. Jeff Martone's 'hot potato').
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