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Thoughts on eating.


New member
Well its Thanksgiving. Still doing Intermittent Fasting and I can smell the turkey roasting as I type. It occurred to me that knowing exactly everything I eat in a 24 hour time frame is crucial to my success. How many of you at the end of the day can remember IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER everything you ate from sunup to bed time? If you are unable to remember accurately you most likely are eating either too much or making bad food choices. Did you forget the package of twinkies you ate at 1pm? Or the fritos and onion dip with your diet coke at 9pm? And the three beers you drank at around midnight. Blocked it all out of your mind right? So if you can't remember THATS GOT TO BE A BAD THING. Mindless eating or eating for entertainment will always make you fat without fail. MINDFULNESS. Enjoy the holidays but be mindful of the pitfalls of not remembering...Dennis


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I guess it is fine to eat more during holidays like Thanksgiving for as long as you will do workout and eat moderately after the celebration.


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Hi, sometimes I want to eat something healthy, like salad, but finally my legs will lead me to buy fried chicken, which happens many times. It is really hard to control eating habits.


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If I really want to eat a candy for example, then I choose one and begin to eat piece by piece, really slowly.. So you can get anough taste of it and it's better for your health because after eating this candy you don't want to eat more :rolleyes:
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