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tnation gold

Com. Stefan

New member
Lot's of good stuff at T-Nation. They've had many, many great writers there over the years: Berardi, Tate, Wendler, Thibaudeau, Poliquin and so on. Pavel has also been featured there in an interview that spanned two parts. Dan John is a regular contributor there, so is Chad Waterbury, if you're into those guys.


New member
i agree. they do too much of the guy version of "everyone tell me how pretty i look" that girls do on facebook, but that doesn't mean we should discard all the valuable knowledge on that site. i reread dan john's 40 years of insight articles anytime it occurs to me. like right now.


New member
Thibadeau knows his stuff, but often gets sidetracked into marketing overpriced supplements using claims that go several light years beyond ridiculous. His books are full of good info. T-Nation generally has pretty damn good articles - it's the forums that one needs to stay away from.
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