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To comrades D.Green and Rav (shoulder health continued)


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I'm sorry that I have to start a new thread, but I'm from Scandinavia so usually i dont get to read your replies until the next day..
yes, i was doing chins for about 5 weeks straight, for 5 days a week. i stopped doing them that way a week ago, now only doing 2-3 days a week.
my workouts were bb tricep extensions, wide bb curls and bb military presses, all bear-style.. the reason for this was, that usually when i do compound exercises, my arms arent workin as much as the bigger muscles, i.e. i think my arms are weaker and smaller that my other muscles (pecs,delts,lats,obliques) though my lats are kind of weak also..
now that i come to think about it, my routine was kind of stupid, doing 3 lifts bear-style, guess that's too much on the nervous system? only did it for a week though, 3x a week. Anyway, i would want to bring up my arms in my routines, especially the triceps (the biceps are not that big of a concern), so maybe if I did two core lifts, say a bb sidepress and chins, and add a moderate intensity tricep exercise, as an assistance lift?
oh yeah, and another thing, do you think some basketball drills would be enough for active recovery? i'm currently doing some ballhandling and shooting drills.
Thank you

D. Green

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Comrade hhreel,
Where are you in Scaninavia? I have been to both Finland & Norway.
Are you doing a deadlift or squat, or only working the upperbody?
The deadlift works everything from your "nose to you toes". If not with lifting strain, then holding. Chins are very good for the upperbody, and a great for mass. Chins & bb side press are a perfect match for the shoulder.
Three x per week should be fine for the "Bear". You need lots of food & rest, if you want to grow! If your really trying for mass, you may want drop other training for a short period of time. If your pressing a weight that is a heavy one for you, the triceps are going to have to do their share of the work. Dips would be a good choice for upperbody mass, but probably not at this time, with your shoulder.
A couple of my friends did the "Bear" with a press, deadlift, "Bear" style & did chins with "Power to the People" rest intervals 2x5, 3-5 mins rest. Both seemed to gain as much if not more from the chins, as anything else.
For your "Bear" try to stay with only a couple of big compound exercises. When the weight is heavy, all the muscles will have to help. The "Bear" is pretty tough so try & keep it simple. Good luck, be careful with your shoulder and save $ for bigger clothes!

Dwan Green
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