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BP lockout 325x1, BP 275x1,1,1,1, BP 280x1
DL lockout 365x1, DL 315x1,1,1,1,DL 325x1

Felt awesome. People looked at me on BP lockout as if I was some poser, wannabe tough guy who wanted to put on a show for everyone . That sucks.

This is Sean Williams' PTP routine more or less. I like it because:
1. Singles to reinforce form
2. Low volume (I'm losing weight)
3. It's Heavy (I'm losing weight)
4. And it takes 30 minutes without tuckering me out too bad.

Rob Lawrence

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Starting with lockouts

Very useful technique isn't it? I am doing 1/4 SQ, 1/2 SQ, SQ in my squat workouts. 1/4 SQs are with 150% of that day's SQ max; 1/2 SQs are with 125% of it.

Regarding the gym and the "poser" perception, that's why I train at home! Is it commercial or a school gym?



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Re: Starting with lockouts

Thankfully a school gym, free weights only, lunch time lifting, with bumper plates....That is the best I'll manage in this town.

I have a suspicion that might lockout was too light in the BP (I can properly bench my lockout weight) and thus didn't do all the GTO magic that it could've. Might bump up to 60 over workout weight and keep bumping it up (gradually) until 100lb or so over singles weight.
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