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Today's Training Routine

green ghost

New member
Started out with Speed Pullups using Bodyweight plus
50 lbs. of chains added on. 12 sets of 2 reps were done
while using a 45 second rest break in between each set.
When I am in the dead hang position , all the weight of
the chain is on the floor. As I pull up through the range
of motion the chain is lifted as well. I started doing these
again last week and I will be experimenting using different
chain loads.

Next was KB Dead Snatches using the 88 lber. 12 sets of 2 were
done , while using a 30 sec. rest break between sets.

Band GMs were next using JS Blue Band. 3 sets of 15 reps were
done. I stepped in one end and I put the other around my neck.

Finished with a Sled Dragging shoulder workout for active rest
purposes. Wanted to do some low intensity sled work for the
lower body but it is snowing and slippery , and I left my spikes
in the trunk of my wifes car.
Later I will do a MA workout.



New member
Good work Eddie, what grip width did you use on th PU?

I usually like to change the grip width on every set.
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