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Training a client with a L3-L4 lumbar cage - advice?

Matt Schwartz

New member
I'm training a 20 year old male client who broke his back 6 months ago. He has a cage around L3-L4 and a 6 inch scar on his spine. He broke it by landing on his butt skydiving and pancake fractured it. He was walking 4 days after surgery and he he tells me that the doc has given him no medical restrictions. He is fit and trim and looks healthy. He's been playing some volleyball and lifting weights. I just wanted to know what I should be careful of. I've got him doing gentle joint mobility all over including his spine. I also have him on a program of swings, light kb front squats, snatches, and 2 arm C+J. I'm staying away from things like windmills for now. So, is there anything else I need to be aware of besides his obvious immobility in his spine in that area. Are twisting or windmills contraindicated? Thanks!


Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Matt, I would definitely clear whatever you do with his doc. I would guess that swings are great. I suspect that C&Js are not (the catching part). Check re mobility training and the SQ depth as well.
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