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Tried out BJJ for the first time in my life tonight...

Jonathan Boey

New member
Got to know an instructor from Straight Blast Gym International here in Singapore, and after reading all the fuss about the greatness of BJJ here, I went for a trial lesson to find out for myself.

The thought of mooning a guy all over the floor was amusing, but once I got into it, hey, it was pretty fun! Ah, what did I learn tonight... half-guard, crossface and some weird-named sweep. At first I felt pretty silly having absolutely no idea what to do during sparring. What do you do when a guy lies on his back with his legs spread and tells you to try and pin him? I just knelt there like an idiot until the instructor told me to just use anything, like what wrestlers do in WWE. That lid a light bulb! So I tried full nelsons with legs locked around the waist. Ha ha, I actually made people tap out! Of course, when it was my turn to face the instructor he ended up screwing me many times very easily. He's bigger than me but as slippery as an eel. I couldn't grab him, couldn't hold onto anything, and his kept shifting his weight around so often and so quickly, I felt totally spastic! And the one time that I finally had my weight on him, he just did something, flipped me over, and I was screwed again. The only saving grace was that at least I could keep up, thanks to Maxwell KB circuits.

I think I may have a hidden violent streak as well. Many times I was almost on the verge of striking my opponent. And whenever I had someone in a hold my mind kept telling me to squeeze the total living daylights out of him and make him suffer. Got to learn to control myself better somehow, I'm not a bastard who hurts someone on purpose during training.

On the whole, a great experience. For a long while I've been looking for something to apply my kb training to. Maybe this is it.

Comments anyone?


New member
They are hard to beat on the ground

I to have to fight the erge to hit,press on the eyes(just short of a true guage)push the face and tourque fingers and such,as these are all allowed in our Dojo(Icho Yama Ryu Aki-Jujutsu-Quantico Kai)
That said they are awsome on the ground, I rolled at Maxercise,and got schoold,I don't think if I could do the things I normally do,I would of fared much better. I've beating BJJ stylist on the ground,and totall ruled them standing and with weapons,but the Jujutsuka at Maxwells school are way above the guys I faced,Chad LaBron,who tapped me out after 5 minutes is the only BJJ guy I've trained with who even came close to the caliber of Team Maxercise.
Ground fights dont always happen,but I've been down there enough to say,you are short changing yourself,and possably commiting a fatal error by not doing at least 25% of your training down there if you are an AikiJuJutsuka (we are pretty hard to drag down there when all bets are off) and 45% if you are a Karateka or Kung-Fu stylist.If you do TKD,leave for a couple of years to catch up on ground fighting,I've taking down every TKD guy to ever randori with me over the last 7 years,I'm talking black belts at 2nd and 5th dan levels.
Stay crosstraining with BJJ,as soon as my new child comes,I'm off to Maxercise to learn some tricks from the best.

Josh Hillis

New member
Two things

Number one, just like everyone else said, you'll grow out of wanting to strike your opponent. I've seen people do some crazy stuff when they are being choked out for the first time, so it's ok, but it doesn't work long term. I mean seriously, it's hard to roll with someone and not end up friends.

Second, don't feel bad about being schooled by your instructor. Shit, i got schooled by pretty much everyone for my first nine months. The benefit of rolling is getting to find out exactly where you stand. It's really just a matter of putting in the time. For now, just enjoy being new.

Also, I'm a big fan of SBG. While I've never actually trained with them, reading Matt Thornton's articles had a huge impact in my focus in training, in fact it has a lot to do with why I train BJJ today.

Josh Hillis
BJJ White Belt
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