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Trouble Sleeping

P MacElree RKC

New member
Here's the scenario.

About 3 months ago, I used to train six days a week, some days I would go 2 rounds, one in the am and one in the pm. Workouts would last about an hour.

Not that I have cut back a lot, but now I only train five days a week, and I am averaging about a 35 minute workout.

I used to be able to sleep like a baby, in bed by 10pm, and asleep no problem before 11pm. Now I can't seem to get to sleep until 1am sometimes 2 or 3. Chances are I'm up again before 7am. It isn't even that I'm not tired because I really am, I just can't sleep. I haven't changed my diet, I rarely have caffeine after 11am or noon. It's killing me.

Any have suggestions, or know what I am talking about?

get some valerian root, 2 suggestions...


I don't know if you're a Fight Club fan, but the doc recommends it to Edward Norton as a sleep aid in the movie - in lieu of medications, which easily develop tolerance & can be addictive. I haven't tried it, so I don't know how well it works, but it's pretty well-known among herbal circles.

2 more things:

1. I've also heard having a routine before bed helps: change into PJs, wash your face, brush your teeth, read a bit, go to sleep, etc. Basically something like that in a consistent order & your body is supposed to "learn" when it's time for bed.

2. Try tensing each muscle & then relaxing it, starting from your toes & working up to your neck/head. I've never needed to do it, but I heard a psychologist recommend it when I was in high school.

Hope this helps.


New member


Do the forum search on melatonin -- you'll pull up a number of posts about sleep troubles. I did not take it, but my wife did and it worked well on her. The bottle says something like "helps establish sleep pattern", so you don't want to stay on it too long, otherwise your body will descrease production of it's own melatonin. Other than that, check to see if something is really bugging you -- to me stress is the numero uno reason I can't get a good sleep. If that's the case valerian root (from the previous post) or motherwort extract will help.


Com. Rekx

New member
another suggestion...

is a sleep hypnosis CD.

I have been going through the very same sleeping troubles and so I got on audible.com and downloaded a sleep hypnosis CD by I think Glen Hoss.

I don't even know what the heck he is saying because I am out like a light by the time he counts to 3.

P MacElree RKC

New member

I might have to check that out, all of the other suggestions sound good too, but if I can avoid taking another something that would be awesome. I appreciate the info.



New member
jump in a DRY sauna

On your day off, take a nap and get very rested. Then put on some wicking clothes so you can run on a treadmill hard core and build up a lot of heat. Then jump in a DRY sauna as long as you can stand it. In TCM, sleep problems are related to poor kidney function. Constructive sweating helps your kidneys. Obviously, drink a lot of water when you do this. In TCM, room temperature water is better than cold water. Don’t drink any alcohol the day before. Don’t drink any caffeine or alcohol after you do it.

Ashtanga yoga will give you similar effects.

Cycling through yoga downward dog, child’s pose, and gymnastic bridge will stimulate the kidneys too.

Get a recommendation on TCM/acupuncture if that doesn’t work.

John Du Cane

Staff member
Next time you are here I will teach you an internal qigong practice that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. No ifs ands or buts.
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