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Try this

Ricky Netcop

New member
I was tooling around with this one, and it feels pretty good...when you reach the top of the snatch, instead of bring the KB/DB down to the start position, keep it there, and perform an overhead squat. Upon standing up, return to the start position for the snatch, and repeat.
Rob, I hope you're ready for tomorrow!


New member
It's part of Trevor's Drill

Trevor's Drill: one rep = C&J, Swing, Snatch, press (start with MPs and change to push press as fatigue sets in), and Overhead squat. Alternate between my left and right arm.

Com Trevor came up with that one. Try it. You'll like it.


Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Ricky, a great drill! Many variations. n/m

Com. Ricky, a great drill! Many variations. n/m
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