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Turkish Get Up shoulder position question...


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I want to start doing Turkish Get Ups while recovering from a misterious shoulder injury (see below). My question is: When doing Turksih Get-Ups do you punch up with the KB and try to create space in shoulder joint or do you keep the shoulder down and in like in the Military Presses? Also what are some other key points of this exercise? Thanks.

My left shoulder got tweaked recently a little bit so I can't do military presses. Not even sure how, I only did the morning recharge routine from the Martial Power DVD (vol. 1) that day. It started hurting later on during the day. It's better by now but still hurts during presses. It's strange because now it hurts only in the lower part of middle deltoid only a couple of inches before lock-out on the way up and in the same spot on the way down, when doing military press. Anyone had anything like that?
Keep the shoulder down and I recommend that you get at least one KB DVD that goes over the exercise. Brett Jones, Pavel's second DVD, Steve Maxwell, and mine cover the TGU in detail. All are available here at DD. Pick one that best suits your goals and purchase it today.

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Joe Cannon

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I've had my share of shoulder injuries. Recently all 3 heads of my deltoid and several rotators hurt so badly I couldn't even shift into 1st gear without assistance from my other hand. My arm literally dangled uselessly for 2 days.

Here's what I did to recover quickly. Use your own judgement for yourself, however.

1. I have a small ball with spikey knobs (available from massage tool sites) and leaned into it against a wall several times a day.
2. I moved my arm slowly (that's all I could do at first) and regularly practiced joint drills (specifically Scott Sonnen's Warrior Wellness).
3. I dropped to a ridiculously light KB, yes a 9-pounder at first and practiced slo-mo military presses with all of Pavel's tension techniques - all of them! I only did a few reps at a time and was able to use more weight in no time. Again, the emphasis here is on going s-l-o-w and staying tighter than you knew was possible.
4. Finally, I found I could snatch far more easily than I could press so I focused on snatching for awhile to keep my strength up and continue building shoulder stability.

Good luck!


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I had something similar

and turkish getups really helped. So did windmills. Both these exercises build stabilty through a extended range of motion. I no longer have this pain in my shoulder.

You might also want to consider handstand holds. Also the planche and front lever might help stabilize your shoulder. See Coach Sommers article.

Craig Vogel
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