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Two WTH effects in a week


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The first one is a sort of but still applies. For the longest time I've been trying to do an overhead squat with a kb but the move has eluded me. I couldn't do an overhead squat with a bar either but after looking at one of Steve Cotter's videos on youtube where he talked about shoulder dislocates I decided to start implementing that as part of my cool down routine every time I trained. I've been doing this for well over a year. I started with a light jump stretch band and progressed to a heavier one, eventually getting a 1 1/2" dowel and working with that: my hands getting closer and closer over time. I was just doing them as part of my routine like clockwork. Anyway, a few days ago I just decided to try an overhead squat with the dowel and was able to do an overhead squat while holding the bar above, (and slightly behind), my head!

Maybe this doesn't seem like much to those of you who have no problem doing this move but it made me smile. I still can't do an overhead squat with the kb but the success I've had with the dowel gives me hope. Maybe a steady diet of kb arm bars and windmills added to the mix will help me pry my way into that.

Okay. The second one was I was able to do TWO unassisted pullups! I've never been able to do one before and it was my plan to start working pullups and dips into my workouts over the next couple of months. Since I couldn't do any unassisted ones on my doorway pullup bar I bought the Pullup Revolution Pro from Lifeline USA and was using that to work in some sets on my off days.

But the main thing I've been doing lately is training for the 5 minute RKC snatch test with the 24kg bell, (not going for RKC: just a training goal), and toward that end as per advice from Geoff Neupert I've been doing swings, Turkish Get Downs, (the negative), and jerks with a heavier bell, (28kg). I think that this is what really benefited my increase in strength. Anyway I was at a gym explaining to the trainer how I really couldn't do pullups yet when I grabbed the bar and pulled myself all the way up! I was shocked. I did it a second time. I tried a third and no go but I think had I not been so shocked the first time and just kept going I might have gotten three or four!

One thing to note is that I wasn't limited by a narrow range of a doorway pullup bar. This bar was longer and I was able to grab it a little wider than I would have been able to normally. I think that this helped me use my lats more and that helped get me up.

So I'm very happy with this result and it just motivates me to want to train pullups, (and dips), more. I think I'll hit the 5 minute snatch test in the next couple of weeks after which I want to do Geoff Neupert's KB Burn Extreme for a month, and then to Pavel's Fighter Pullup Program, (using the Pullup Revolution), for a month after that and then test myself to see where I stand on unassisted pullups.

My plan is to do Convict Conditioning in the fall and do the PM with heavy kb's so I don't lose my strength gains. These little victories have me excited to train again!:D

kodo kb

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Awesome progress MerryPup, first pullups are a glorious thing! For the overhead squat, though, you already have the flexibility so I don't think you need to directly work on that unless you want to get more flexible, as it's probably a strength issue. That being said, snatches, getups, and heavy C&Js will likely get you there. Keep on focusing on the basics and there are more fun surprises to come.

All the best,
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