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Tyler and Gina - Re: Tumbling ...

Kurt J. Wilkens

New member
Hey, guys --

Just wanted to say thanks again for your advice regarding the Tripod to Stand. It's been working like a charm. It would seem that going exaggeratedly slow in an effort to control the descent was actually doing more harm than good; also, 'unweighting' the head with the help of the hands -- and NOT trying to roll down the back of the head and neck -- was very important as well. The drill goes much more smoothly and fluidly now. After some more practice from the Tripod, I'll man-up and try to do it from the Headstand, but I anticipate no problems.

Thanks again.


New member
You re-kindled my interest...

...and I've gotten back into tumbling ever since you posted that day. : ) Thanks! Tried a few walkovers - way too fun.
Glad to hear it's going well, good training to you,

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