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using KBs for deadlift assistance

Steve B.

New member
I have been doing K.B.work to assist my deadlift.
Pavel recommended swings and snatches for sets of ten.
If you also check out Donnie Thompsons workout log on the elite fitness site you can see how he incorporates them into his routine.
My experience is so far that it really helps my top half from the knee up to lockout.It's like going into second gear when i get to my knees.I have been recovering from a knee injury for the past three months and have been only doing good mornings and KB swings and one arm snatches during that time with good results so far.The last time i pulled over 400 was three months ago before my knee injury.After three DL workouts i'm back up to an easy 470.I can only think that the KB's and GM's helped keep my back in shape for the DL's.I will continue the KB work and see if it will take me further.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Steve, a good observation! When I watched Com. Donnie pull at the Arnold he squeezed the BB off the platform and then 'went into another gear' as you put it and snapped his hips through.
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