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New member
Just wondering if their are any marines on the board.
I'm graduating from college in May and considering
enlisting. Just wanted to talk someone who has been
through it. I'm wanting to become a Force Recon Marine
eventually if anyone has information on them


New member
Rent Full Metal Jacket, Talk to a Recruiter

If you graduate from college, you should not enlist but rather attempt to obtain a comission. You make more money and eat less effluvia that way.

FMJ is exactly the way life in the Marine Corps is. If not, it's how it should be. Rent it, memorize it, develop the ability to emit all of the insults therein without hesitiation.


Greg Donahue

New member
Find an Officer Selection Officer

I served for 4 years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I posted a link that should help you get started. Let me know if you have questions. You need to be ready before going to the Officer Candidate School. www.marines.com/officer_programs/default.asp


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Re: Rent Full Metal Jacket, Talk to a Recruiter

Thanks for the response guys. I will defintely watch Full Metal
Jacket again, and will try to get comissioned. Just wondering
how being in the corps effected your strength training and if you
have the oppturinty to strength train or is it all bodyweight stuff?
And would you recommend going in the Marine Corp at all?

Chuck B

New member
My son enlisted and was hurt half way thru boot camp. He ended up with two stress fractures and a foot and knee problem. The ascertained that it would take him 9 months to heal and return to training so they discharged him. He went in about 30 pounds over ideal and had not spent enough time running. And then boot camp ended up being too much too soon for him to adapt.

Based upon his experience and that of ohters I know I would suggest going in LEAN. The less weight you carry the better. Don't atempt any bodybuilder type of bulking up; it will only hurt you. Find out how much you will have to run and spent months working up to it so you don't stress you ability to recover.

I wish my son had been able to complete boot camp and serve. I was in the Army myself but regard the USMC as one of the greatest organizations in the world.


New member
Strenght training in the USMC

IMO, there's no need for it. Endurance is the key to being a good Marine, though some basic low level of strength is necessary. If you can do a lot of pushups and 20 pullups, that's good enough. Hardcore limit strength training would be a bad choice unless you had an office job.

Whether you should do it or not depends on your personal situation and temperment. In my day, lots of kids who dropped out of school, got in trouble with the law, etc., had their lives turned around by the USMC. I don't think they let folks like that in at all any more. If you want some adventure, discipline, a lifetime of pride, and are willing to endure some misery to get it, go for it. A single hitch does not mandate a career, so there's nothing to lose except six years of your life.

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