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Warrior Diet revisited


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Tried on a 30 inch waist trousers. I can get into them but is quite snug. So 32 inch is fine by me. Fat reduction is improved. I sense my "6 pack" is right around the corner. Arms and forearms appear more vascular like corded rope. No hint of any fat on my face and neck. No hanging skin. Did a 2 day fast with success just recently. Easy peasy Japanesy. So its been about 1 1/2 yrs on IF - I AM COMPLETELY ADAPTED TO IT. I began with size 38 inch trousers. Down to 32 inch. So my assessment is that I did indeed succeed. Dennis


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Overeating Phase Questoin

Hi Dennis -

Can you share what you're eating during your meal(s) or "overeating" phase?

Thanks -


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Day 1 on warrior diet, amazed by how I'm not feeling hungry. Really want to see some changes. I lost a few lbs with low carb but I need to do more.


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Hi ad5ly! You just got great results! I congratulate you. But can you elaborate on your diet for me, please? What do you mean when you say you don’t eat any food? How long. I’ve recently got extra pounds and I would like to drop them faster.

Thanks in advance, Emily.
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