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Warrior Diet Undereating Eating Phase


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I really got the Undereating Phase nailed down. Most days I do not eat anything until about 1pm.... BUT I will share what helps me out alot. I have a pot of hot Miso Soup on the stove always ready. Now what I really crave is something HOT especially in the winter. Thats why I like my coffee during this time too. But the Miso Soup is another option for something hot and it tastes very good. I add seaweed and thinly sliced green onions and small pieces of shrimp to it and presto! Fantistico!..It also suppresses my appetite quite a bit. I also eat almonds and mixed berries at times. The Overeating phase I have more trouble with. I am eating more processed food than I should - mainly bread, pasta. But I am still working that out. But weight/fat loss is on track. And I power walk one hour 5x per week. I would like to tip the scales at 175lbs by summer!!...Dennis


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Nice, I'm glad it's working out for you. I stick to just coffee and tea. For 15 hour fasts

I'm down about 10 pounds so far.

Eoin Kenny

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Keep up the good work Dennis, pasta isn't junk food, just stay away from candy etc and you're great!

I also like bread, but I make my own because the store breads are a piece of sh*t.
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Amanda Simon

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The basic formula of eat is that eat when your body is demanding because if you're not doing that then body needs to suffer from them. Eat some good nutritional foods. That kind of food will help you to stay healthy and fit.

Jorge Gonzales

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Nice I always prefer to have Black coffee. No matter how healthy you eat, getting all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs not only to function but also to function optimally, can still be a challenge. Consider taking a high-quality multivitamin, probiotics, or fish oil to ensure you’re getting everything you need on a regular basis.
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