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Weird, original kettlebell movements


New member
I came across a lot of this guy's stuff when I first got interested in kettlebells. For a 60 year old I'd say he moves pretty well & I like his originality.


Rich in Nor Cal

New member
I've checked out his stuff also. I think they are interesting ideas, but some look like they potentially put dangerous torque on the shoulders and spine. Perhaps with strict form, and working up to them gradually to give the soft tissue time to adapt, they can be done safely, but I'm not sure. Other than variety I don't see any real advantage to them over the standard lifts, and those are proven safe when done correctly.

I think he has a background in martial arts, strongman stuff like highland games, and powerlifting, so he is pretty strong to begin with, and his moves are especially risky for those not as physically prepared.


New member
The advantage, I think, is mainly having fun while pumping the body a bit. Of course one needs to take care and use relatively easy weights.

I see it like a kind of light mace swinging.
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