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What did you say about my Mama??????......

Pedro Morales

New member
Hi All,

Lately I have been seeing a lot of Anti-Kettlebell posts, and unfortunately quit a few on some of my favorite MB’s. I haven’t given Kettlebell’s a shot yet, but I love what I have been reading about them & the RKC Book. I’m dying to get my first Kettlebell. But back to the topic at hand, some people are taking it quit personal that people are getting great results from Kettlebell’s & enjoying them. They don’t like the DD Forum or the people on it (everyone here has been nice to me), They think it’s funny everyone here calls each other Comrades ect. They took offense to Mahler’s article about training like a Man.

What ever happened to live & let live? Why do people take things so personal? If you don’t like something don’t do it. Why get all personal and take pot shots at people. Why would you waste your time posting about things you don’t like (Nit-Picking no less), why not devote your energy to talk about the things you do. Don’t get me wrong, I like hearing constructive criticism, but when they make it seem so personal, I think they are just a bunch of bitter Whiners. I just ignore them, but it’s getting old quick. Take care & Happy Training.

Sincerely Pedro Morales


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My guess is that this is not from former pro wrestling champ by the same name. My guess is that readers of other persuasions don't buy the simple, brutal, brief, frequent training. Many think that the more complicated the training appears in writing, the more effective. What would sell more, 1500+ words describing super secret double drop, alternate day, on body part in 13 minute blocks biorhythmic training routine, or another that says, press something heavy, deadlift something heavy, and chin often, don't fail, use perfect form, and quit before failure?


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Re: What did you say about my Mama??????....My Rant

I guess that some people feel threatened when they are presented with something that is contrary to a long held belief, and feel the need to try and discredit those who believe otherwise.

I for one have tried over the years, lots of training methods. Nothing has been as effective as RKC. As far as I am concerned those who do not think that is a worthwhile activity can take a flying f*ck at a rolling donut. I dont feel the need to convince them otherwise. I did not believe that RKC could be as effective as it was advertised and if not for the great Comrades in this forum, I would have never tried and would have missed the benefits that I have accrued and continue to accrue with each swing of the Kettlebell. I say dont argue with these closed minded individuals, invite them to put it to the test. If they are unwilling, forget them.



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Let people talk, there's no reason to rebutt....

unless you have to train them. As long as you you're happy with the training and the results there's no need to care about what other people say or do.

"We hate it when our friends become successful"

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