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What is a "Pood"?


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I see this term used all the time by Party Members but don't know what it means. Is 1 pood = 16 kg = ~ 35 lbs. ? It seems that the progression in starting KB training is as follows: 1) get and watch the video, 2) start with dumbells, 3) when one can do the exercises in good form with a 35-40 dumbbell, get a 1 "pood" KB. How would a 4 kg or 8 kg fit into this training scheme, if at all? Guess being a new Member to the Party, I'm confused with the many training schemes followed by experienced comrades. Clarence Bass talks about empty milk containers filled with water as starter. Any advise or hints would be much appreciated since I'm trying to integrate KBs into my PTP training. Thanks!
A pood is an old Russian unit of measure, roughly equal to 16 kg.

I started with the 1/2 pood (8 kg.) a little over a week ago, and have already ordered the 1 pood. But I'm stronger than most women, and will be using the 1/2 pood for some exercises even as I get stronger. Usually, men start with the 1 pood, unless they have reason (health problems, injury, etc.) not to.

The video is mandatory - form is everything with KB lifting, and you just can't get that from the book, IMHO. Dumbbells aren't mandatory at all, but they can give you some feel for the motion before you nvest in a KB. Believe me, though - the offset center of gravity makes the KB a whole different proposition. :)

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Steve Freides

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16 kg

Many of us have started with kettlebells, not dumbells, me included. I have no need for anything less than the 1.0 pood, and I'm sure most adult males are the same. Some, in fact, are strong enough to start with the 1.5.

The recommendation is to buy the video, the book and the 1-pood bell to start.

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