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What is your age and what are your limitations? nm


New member
I'll be 47 this August - 147 lbs., 5'10", somewhere around 12 or 13% body fat. Work out about 6 days a week, and feel like I'm in good shape overall. I'd say my biggest limitation is my frame size. My wrist measurement is 6 inches diameter just above the wrist bone. That's the same as my wife's, and she's probably about average frame size for a woman. I've always felt that frame size isn't given enough consideration for competitions etc., as opposed to body weight. I'd guess there are a fair number of guys about my body weight, but bigger framed - especially if they're shorter & stockier. Other things equal, a larger frame size is a definite advantage for kb work, imo.

Twenty two kbs should keep you in business for a while - good luck with the training.
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