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What's the difference between S & S and S & S 2?


I was trying to look up the goals & how to time things & I saw that there was a 2.0 version. What's the difference?

I saw a thing about using the talk test in between sets to see if your tests aren't long enough or if you're doing it too heavily, namely being able to say the pledge of allegiance in between (at least for Americans).

Is that it? I saw that it was heavily revised & wasn't a minor rewrite, but I've already seen Q & D. It sounds like it ads the ideas from that to the S & S exercises.


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Talk test or similar has always been part of it. You are supposed to rest as needed EXCEPT on days you are doing test for time. Have not read #2 but from reading Strong First forums, one difference seems to be that there are now included a goals of Timeless Simple and Timeless Sinister i.e. you can to the full amount of work with that weight KB but without worrying about how long it takes. Then once that is achieved, you go for time limited execution.


Thanks. I've been using a 3-minute rest between swings & adding get-ups. Seriously prefer doing get-ups with sandbags...
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