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Wheel Technique?


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I don't use an actual wheel...rather than spend $8 I just grab a barbell and put wide plates on the ends and use that. Anyway, I can do 1 rep on my knees, but I feel that I'm using my back to pull my hips back rather than my abs and pulling the bar like I should be. Any tips for correcting this or advice on where to go from here? My ultimate goal is to use these to get to dragon flags, but it seems I have a ways to go.

BTW, RKC came in at the library, so I'm wondering if a friend of mine will start talking about this great new thing he just learned about any time soon =)



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If you've ever seen the abslide infomercials, study the technique.
They do it completely wrong.

You want to work your abs, and arching your back backwards is only going
to emphasize your hip flexors. This is the most common occurrance and
problem with the wheel.

What you want to do is to get on all three (knees and wheel) and contract
your abs to raise your back higher in the air so that your back is curved
slightly forwards. You want to try to maintain this curve throughout the
movement through a tight contraction of the abs. Steadily roll out and pull yourself back trying to use only your upper body and an vigorous ab

To deal with getting more reps, there are a few ways.

1. You could grease the groove, ie 1 rep at various points during the day like whenever you pass the wheel, if you have it at home

2. You can do many sets of one rep, like 12 sets, focusing on the tension in the movement (the harder the contraction, the better the strength gains)

3. (comrades love this) do your wheels near a wall. Face the wall and roll
out so that the wall stops you partway through your rep, so that you do not
complete a full rep, but a partial. Focus on the tension and only go so far down so that you stop at the wall. try to do ladders or a 3-5x3-5 rep

If you have any questions, post a message to my attention.
Or ask Pavel himself.



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The Wheel is Evil

I started using the Evil Wheel a few weeks ago. I follow Pavel's technique in BPA. I can do 5 reps at 6 foot steps
from the wall. I wanted to work up to 10 reps. So, I did 5 sets of 2 reps three days ago, ala density training.
My abs are still sore. That Wheel is Evil. I think I have to move back to 5 steps from the wall, work up to 10 reps,
then move back out to 6 steps from the wall, and so on.

Good Health and Good Training. Duke


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I think this wheel technique looks really good and i think i am going to have to add it into my abs day.
Which do you think is better the wheel technique or hanging leg raises for your abs?

Cheers Sammo

Go Dog Go!

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The point about keeping your lower back rounded is pretty much the whole secret. It's the same as doing a "pelvic tilt," only you're on your knees. If you're new to the wheel, you may feel back pain. That's because you aren't strong enough to keep the pelvic tilt during the exercise. If that happens (happened to me) then drop the wheel for a couple of weeks and do pelvic tilts and the Russian Ballet Leg Thrust. That's an easy one that will teach you to keep the proper tilt. Then you can go back to the wheel and use it without pain.

Joe Cirulli

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I just picked up a wheel on a close-out table in a store for $6.00.
When I extend out I hold my breath, on the way back I try to allow my knees to pull me back. I feel it in my back but mostly in my ab area. I can do a fair amount. Using Pavels suggestion I tried it standing up using a wall as a stop. This is tough. But eventually I hope to do some start to finish from a standing position. Pavel makes it look easy.Keep at it every day, go further and further until you can do several sets of 5-10 reps.
Joe C. jcullo@aol.com
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