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when doing handstand pushups.................


New member
when you guys are doing your handstand pushups are you putting your feet on a wall for balance.....just curious cause i don't quite have the balance for a handstand...yet...but am working on it slowly...

yours in pain,


New member
When I do them I put my feet on the wall. Occassionally when doing reps they may come off the wall slightly. When they do come off the wall it's a balance thing-if you think you can do a couple with your feet off the wall go for it. But I, like you, generally keep mine against the wall-it's just a security thing for me
It depends what exercise I'm working.If I'm doing reps between dining room chairs I kick up to the wall for balance.However if I'm doing the drill where I start on the floor and proceed from the lockout to a pair of 6" high stools then I have my training partner hold my feet.


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To start developing a feel for the balance in handstand pushups, when you kick into it, try and touch your feet as lightly as possible upon impact. I discovered this little tip after a few weeks of smashing into my wall. My neighbors were kind of freaked. So now I tread lightly on the walls, and my balance has improved.
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