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Which Newsletter/Journal Is Best?


New member
Hello Everyone

I have been thinking lately about subscribing to a training Newsletter or journal, but I am not up to date with what is the best and most cost efficient at the same time.

I am getting into Weightlifting(Olympic Style) and I am also into general hardcore fitness(like the Party advocates!!) Any suggestions as to which will be the best and most informative.

I like the look of the CrossFit journal and am leaning toward that, as it is also fairly cost effective.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Is "Pure Power" a good one?

Thanks for your help.

Graham Dean, SA.


New member
Best publication- MILO

I think Milo is the best publication out there. It isn't cheap ($40.00/year for 4 issues), but I think the quality isn't matched by anything else out there. It isn't a newsletter or journal, but it is extremely informative and covers the olympic lifts in great detail.
Check out the link.


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