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Who says 2 arm swings are easy? Last nights short + sweet workout.


New member
I've lately been doing alot of snatches & clean & jerks. So i decided to do some 2 arm swings to ease up and do a light workout. lol. I'm not in the best shape but, this hit me harder than i thought it would. I did a short density workout that went like this:

10 two arm swings at the start of ea. min..... and that's it !

But this was my first workout with my new 2pood.

Thanks for reading, form a man put in his

Steve Freides

New member
I do swings every day, 7 days a week. Some set/rep schemes below

I do swings as the final thing in my normal workout days, after all other lifting except ab work. Even on days when I'm not doing a lifting workout, I do at least one set of swings before I head out for a run or bike ride, usually 10-20 1 pood swings or a lesser number with the 1.5 pood bell.

I've been having fun with different weights lately, doing things like:

2.5: 2-arm swing x 5
2.0: 1-arm swing x 5
1.5: 1-arm swing x 5
1.0: 1-arm swing x 5

or sometimes in the reverse order. Sometimes I will do them all as 1-arm swings, sometimes I do 2-arms swings with both the 2.5 and the 2.0.

Another scheme I like is like this or similar:

2.5: 1-arm swing x 3
2.0: 1-arm swing x 5
1.5: 1-arm swing x 8
1.0: 1-arm swing x 12

Varying the weights like this with swings keeps them from getting boring, at least for me. Any of the above could also be done in a circuit as well.

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