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Whole Foods - Imported From China


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This may sound politically incorrect, but, I was told Butterball slaughtered their "Thanksgiving" turkeys according to 'Sharia Law', which is an even more brutal, inhumane form of slowly killing the animals than most methods. I contacted Butterball and they acknowledged that yes, they do this because they've been shipping turkeys to the Middle East. Between the videos I've seen regarding the horrible living conditions and treatment Butterball puts their turkeys through and now slitting a turkey's throat open per a barbaric tradition, I'll never buy their product again.
"There are growing concerens about food from China". Give me a break they, that is the Chinese, put lead paint on toys that are imported to this county. You really have to read the labels. A lot of dog food/treats come from China. Hershey Peppermint Pattys and Alka Seltzers are made in Mexico.

It is not just the loss of jobs to American workers and farmers theses places are third world country's that do not have the same standards.

Read the labels.


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The worst is when they won't even label where it's made. They will put something like 'distributed by', but they won't say where the product is actually made.


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Frack political correctness., this is not a communist world. I am almost myself turning into a vegan due to the primitive and barbaric practices of sharia law(halal). You almost can't buy meat which is not halal.

Any food originating from China is not fit for human consumption. Their occupational health and safety/quality control are substandard and they use practices in the production of food which you find have been banned in other countries.

Everyone should support their local farmers and all products made in their own country.


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The did a study here in my town and figured out that of every dollar spent with a local vendor, about 75 cents stays in the community and helps it grow. I was surprised it would be that high frankly. I saw on one of the national news outlets, they were trying to get local home builders and developers to buy products made in America. Long past due IMO, would have avoided the whole sulfurous dry wall issue.

But back to the point, I think it's important for people to visit their local farmers, etc. See how the animals are treated, see how the land is managed. I personally think people should at least once in their lifetime slaughter an animal they eat. I think people would have more appreciation for the animal, how it's butchered, and they would waste less of it. When I was in Sweden for a few months, I noticed they included a picture of the farmers and a description of the farm the meat came from.


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I guess I should read the back label first before paying it into the cashier just to make sure that the food I'm eating is organic or not and if it's safe to eat it.
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