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Who's Generally Fitter? Police, FBI, SWAT, US Marshals, Prison Guards, DEA?


I was wondering, who's generally fitter in actual occupation? I know the fitness tests are usually bullshit across the board with most of these agencies, but the shape they're functionally in isn't always. I know, these things vary, but I mean in general.


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I don't think a proper assessment can be determined for comparison of fitness btwn these organizations . The training will vary due to mission specifics. Its like comparing fitness btwn Army rangers, U.S Marines, British Commandos. Their mission specifics will vary too, as to different skills required for the job. To be any of these guys require a relative high degree of fitness of course. I can tell you though from my experience as a 1970's Marine, that there were quite a bit of UNFIT - fat Marines in the ranks. Serious Physical fitness training is usually a personal choice. Unit PT was a joke. But that was 1973. Things are probably different now. Due to wartime standards are probably higher...Dennis
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