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Why the RKC?, by Dr. Chris Holder DP, DMQ (China), Sr.RKC, CrossFit Level 1, CSCS

John Du Cane

Staff member
Why the RKC?, by Dr. Chris Holder DP, DMQ (China), Sr.RKC, CrossFit Level 1, CSCS
For all of you rumor mongers, gossip fiends and ninnies out there looking for me to slam our competition or say something disparaging about any other training systems, you are SOL.
This is not an attempt to tell you why not to spend your time and money with any of the other kettlebell training groups. This article is written to help you realize that the RKC is your only choice.
It’s been a crazy couple of years for us. The leadership has changed, the format is changing, and we are at a stage right now where we are distancing ourselves from the competition.

For the new trainee kettlebeller or aspiring coach, the possibilities are wide open from a system perspective. There are multiple directions to take when deciding which group’s certification to choose. I know, I was there 10 years ago! Fortunately, the decision was nearly made for me before I knew there was a decision to make. BUT, before we can look forward, we must look at our past.

I am an April 2004 RKC from the oooooold days. We were taught around 12 exercises in a brutal three-day workshop. It was physically punishing to the point where I was in such a massive state of inflammation when I got back that I was—for a lack of a better term—"blown up" for weeks after getting home.

To this day, not even college football two-a-days were as hard as my experience with the RKC. We used to pride ourselves in the smack downs we were handing out and didn’t consider the weekend a success if we didn’t bury the attendees. At that time, it was new, fresh, and exactly what was needed.

As the system evolved, the theme remained the same. In 10 years, I worked as an assistant or team leader for at least one RKC each year. I have seen some really incredible people come and go, and watched our collective ideas grow. The weekend was streamlined after we…read complete article: Why the RKC? | Kettlebell Training - News | Dragon Door
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