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workout comments: 1.5 pood press, another homemade Pavelizer


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Just in case others might be interested: I (5'2" female, around 130) am moving toward a military press with the 1.5 pood. I started with assisted C&J w/ the 1.5, then unassisted. Now I have moved to push press with the 1.5 and a slow negative with a pause at parallel. I have just been doing 4 sets of 1 rep each arm once or twice a week. I don't measure my rest period, but I believe it is 1-2 minutes. I have also been doing slow double military press with 2 poods (usually 3X3) and assorted WM's and bent/side presses. Last week I successfully completed a bent press with each arm with the 1.5 pood, so I will add that to the mix. My thought is to gradually straighten up, moving from bent press to side press to military. At the same time I will be approaching from the other side with the negatives/isometric hold.

I do not have the offical Pavelizer, but I have had good success doing janda situps with two bandannas tied into a circle and then tied into a loop of webbing, like a three link chain. The webbing loop folds around the lowest post position on my squat rack and one leg goes through each bandanna, where I pull back on them with my calves. Add a length of latex tubing around the same spot as the webbing and voila.


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Janda device

I built a "janda device" a while back as well. I refuse to call it a "Pavelizer" because I don't have enough experience with the P to know how it really compares, although it works for me.

It's made of curvy PVC to rest the calves against, and a length of strong flex band. I close it in a door jamb and it provides a strong pull against the calves. I notice that angle of pull is pretty critical. I think that the true benefit of the Pavelizers is that they are more idiot proof, the proper angles and so forth being built in.

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Com. BX, I had no doubts! n/m

Com. BX, I had no doubts! n/m
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