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workout for the party's approval.


New member
5 x 1 arm swings lefthand
5 x 1 arm swings righthand
5 x cleans lefthand
using the last clean to do
5 x military press lefthand
5 x cleans right hand
using the last clean to
5 x military press righthand

this completes 1 set. do 3-5 sets

Nick Radonjic

New member
Perform the grinding movements like the military press over the ballisitic movements such as the swing or the clean. It is much safer that way, and will allow you to be stronger for the military press.


New member
i think it sucks

no offense
my opinion

id do more reps per set
with cardio in between

this may just be my opionion but that doesnt seem like a very challenging workout


New member
Rutherford - what are your goals, and current fitness level?

I think folks would need to know this, before being able to adequately critique your routine.



New member
Re: Rutherford - what are your goals, and current fitness level?

35 years old, 175 lbs, 15-17% body fat, resting heart rate 77. What I've done with the KB's over the last couple of weeks has made my legs feel 10 years younger.

Most important goal is lowering resting heart rate. History of heart disease in my family. My thought with the workout I described is to do sets with 30 reps in them using three different motions to get the heart rate up quickly.

My sport is shooting NRA sanctioned 2700 bullseye matches. Low resting heart rate and general endurance is important for that. The event is 270 shots with .22, Center Fire, & .45 over a 5-6 hour period.

Strength is good too though hence the press in the workout. When I get room I'm going to get a barbell to cycle PTP and RKC.
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