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Wrist recovery


New member
I workout with kettlebells and barbells. I have "Enter the Kettlebell", "Power to the people" and "The naked worrior" books. I was wrestling with a friend about 6 weeks ago when I injured my wrist. I don't have any idea on how it happened and I didn't even know I injured it till afterwards when I felt pain in my hand. I haven't done much lifting at all since that time, but I have done a lot of hard work, like firewood cutting, splitting, and hauling. I can snatch a kettlebell and deadlift without much pain, but my strength is diminished it that hand. Has anybody had this problem before, and what should I do to recover?



New member
Hey Homer,

I'm no expert but I'd just like to chime in here because it reminds me of something that happened to me. I hurt my right wrist boxing and I still wish I took proper time to fix it up and get it back up an running. To this day I still have the effects of a weaker hand and it bugs the hell out of me when I swing or use a COC gripper etc.

So just remember there will be plenty of time ahead to get back to training, but take your time now to make sure it's 100% before you get after it again.

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