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You raise a good question and there is some debate on it...


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many coaches believe back squats play a strong role in the snatch (there is literature that shows strong correlation between improvements in back squat strength and improvements in snatch ability.)Aside from that the back squat is generally viewed as THE foundation strength exercise for developing the hips and legs and many coaches consider it absolutely essential.

The front squat is used to develop strength for recovering from the clean, although there is debate on just how effective it is for that purpose...some athletes periodically get buried in the clean with weights far less than they can front squat for triples while other athletes can clean and jerk no more than they can front squat (simon kolecki for example)

I won't get into it here but if you are interested go to the articles section in the link below for a thorough discussion on squats and the OL lifts. Bud Charniga does a great job with this topic...slightly heretical among many USAW coaches, but he makes a strong case and anyway Dragon Door denizens won't find any of it that off the wall.

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