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One-arm chinups/naked warrior


New member
So I intend to do naked warror for a while. I am doing pistols, one-arm-one-leg pushups. And a cheating version of one arm chinups.

My pistols are the worst. I can't do them freestanding. I have to balance against something but workin it!

OAOL pushups I can do fine only a couple in a row but at least I can do them.

One arm chins I cant really do. I can do 13 regular chins consecutively. I can do a version for example where if I am pulling with right arm, I grab my right wrist with the left hand. It adds stabillity and changes the leverage. Its much harder than a regular chin up. But doable compared to a true one arm chin. Anyway my lats are fried from these so its working me out at least.

I guess I would like some advice on all of these. I decided I am not going back to kettlebell until I can at least get pistols down. I would like to nail a true one arm chinup some day. Any advice on that appreciated.
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